Thanks Mary! It worked with your directions and was a dream and quick. It even 
imported the photos that I had posted. The only thing I have noticed in notes 
missing were the ones I had marked as private, but there were not many of 
these. I do so appreciate your help. Leonard





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I got a clean import of my data to AQ by choosing export to GEDCOM, then using 
the Legacy destination (I think this is the default showing when you get to 
this screen). 


I  UNTICKED:  keep embedded formatting codes within text

– (if left ticked, odd characters surround some words in AQ. It looks like 
where I’ve bolded something in a note or title and AQ doesn’t recognize the 
formatting codes).


I kept ticked:  Override Source options – include all source information.



Now click on  Customize


On this screen I ticked to EXCLUDE:



Child status

Medical Notes

Research Notes

To do items


(I use the Research notes heavily and I don’t know if you can exclude them from 
reports in AG so I didn’t include them in my export. They will import if you 
want to include those. The Medical Notes I don’t use for that purpose. If you 
use that field, let me know and I’ll do a test to see how they are treated in 


Click on OK and Select Filename and start export


Using these settings, my notes and photos are included in the import to AQ and 
all expected information looks in place after import. Of course, if you use 
photos, you would need to send a folder with those maintained in the same 
folder structure and your recipient would need to place that folder in exactly 
the same location on their hard drive in order for the photo paths to be 


I get a boatload of errors but looking through them, it is tags and 
associations in Legacy that AQ doesn’t know what to do with so are thrown out. 
Example: child relationship where I set a child as biological for one parent 
and step child for the other parent. Cremation tag isn’t recognized in AG, at 
least in the lite version. The vitals information is correct, just doesn’t 
indicate a cremation. If I used a Cremation event, that would be recognized as 
all of my events appear to have been imported properly. Phone numbers and 
addresses in some fields are seen as errors by AQ. 


Other items in the errors log are the tags, which I use extensively in Legacy. 
AQ doesn’t know what to do with those so they are discarded and reported as an 


All major information in my Legacy database appears to me to be recognized and 
placed in proper fields in AQ.


I didn’t include my Research Notes as I use that note field heavily and in the 
lite version of AQ, I don’t see a way of excluding those from reports or Family 
Group Sheets. They clutter a printed report so I just excluded them for export 
testing purposes. You may wish to share your research notes. I don’t know if 
the full version of AQ allows for excluding those when printing text reports. 
The lite version does not.


I tried other GEDCOM settings by removing or adding items but surprisingly, the 
settings mentioned above give me the best, cleanest AQ import. If you’d like to 
see an example of what a report looks like, where events and photos are 
included, I’d be happy to print, scan and attach as a pdf to an email. Since I 
only have the lite version of AQ, it doesn't appear I can actually save a 
report directly to a PDF file.


I understand you are wanting the notes content to be exported. Using the 
settings above, all of my notes were recognized by AG. I must mention I do not 
use the Birth, Death, Burial notes fields accessed at the end of the vitals 
fields. If you do and want to know if they export and import OK, I’ll set up a 
little test to see how they are handled. I do change Burial to Cremate, where 
appropriate and that tag isn’t recognized by AQ.


Please let me know if I can try something else or help with further testing.






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That would be lovely Mary. Thanks so much. Leonard

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<> > wrote:


I have the free Lite version of Ancestral Quest installed and moved my
Legacy database into it a year or two ago. I don't use it but like to see
how the various programs work. The notes are there, even in the free Lite
version. The problem is I don't remember what type of GEDCOM I used. I'd be
happy to test it in the morning and report back to you if you'd like. 


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I want to share my full database with a relative who is using Ancestral
Quest. How's the easiest way to do this with my notes and everything?
Thanks. Leonard


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