I had no problems what-so-ever with the update. I did not have to re-enter my 
name and all my user setting remained the same.

Bob Austen

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I have installed the update and all I had to do was re-enter my username and 

In so far as I have only seen one complaint of a problem, I would be inclined 
to believe it as a problem specific to that users system.  You should have no 
problems with the up date if you follow the directions.  Backup, check/repair, 
compact family file and run media relinker then update.

On 2/4/2018 11:08 AM, tamaram1 wrote:
> Cathy, would you please let me know when the bug to familysearch is fixed, or 
> a sure way to reattach. I want to know before I load the update, I work 
> between the two most every day and don't want the panic I'll feel if it 
> doesn't work right.
> Thank you,
> Tamara Maddan
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> I think you just need to sign in again in Legacy. We had to in beta a few 
> builds ago. And maybe the latest one. I tend to do these things without 
> thinking.
> If you can't access the log in you may need to contact Support.
> Cathy
> Hogrooter . wrote:
>> I am unable to access FamilySearch after the update although I was
>> just able to just prior to the change.  It appeared that the password
>> and username are not being pulled in.
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