Gary I think Clooz, which you can purchase on the Legacy website will do
what your asking if I understand what your situation is.  Hope that helps.

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Crystal Payne

On Feb 22, 2018 4:39 PM, "Gary Crull" <> wrote:

> I've been doing genealogy for over 35 years, having gathered a vast number
> of documents - birth/death/marriage certificates and licenses, obituaries,
> wills, probate info, newspaper articles etc -  some original, other's
> secondary.
> I computerized back in the dark ages of personal computer technology
> (early 70's) with an IBM PC Jr and a floppy disk, two if you could afford
> it! Thus, NO availability of storing anything on the computer. As
> technology advanced and scanners became available I scanned everything I
> had collected to new computers with ample HD's as well as adding new
> scanned information.
> I was a late comer to LEGACY having used 3-4 other software products that
> went out of business over the years forcing me to upgrade to newer
> products. My last upgrade a few years back was to Legacy (v7.0) and I love
> it having kept updates to the present V9.0.
> My problem, question??
> I have several thousand scanned documents stored on my HD that I have
> linked to individuals in my Legacy database. Is there any way of preparing
> an output document that would show the individual AND any/all supporting
> documents gathered over decades of collecting? I'm not inclined at this
> stage of life to even attempt transcribing this supporting information in
> to any templates available in Legacy!
> Suggestions are welcome.
> Gary Crull
> P.S. I *don't *use *FACEBOOK* so make sure any replies are posted to the
> forum....
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