Legacy User Group Monthly Reminder

1) Please help us keep the Legacy User Group Email List friendly, helpful,
and fun.

2) We do not allow attachments or embedded images because we have users that
are on dial up or have metered connections. Also, please send your emails
using plain text. Some users are using email clients that can't "see" HTML
or RichText so they end up with garbled emails.

3) Please keep the conversation confined to the Legacy program and to the
add-ons that work with Legacy. Since we have a direct sync to FamilySearch,
FamilySearch questions are usually fair game. You can post questions about
MyHeritage if your question relates to Legacy in some way. If you are having
a problem with MyHeritage please email their tech support at
mailto:supp...@myheritage.com. Once we have the direct sync to MyHeritage we
will expand what we allow.

4) Several Legacy staff members and beta testers monitor this list and they
may advise you to email mailto:supp...@legacyfamilytree.com for more complex
technical support issues or ask you to send enhancement requests here
https://legacyfamilytree.com/Suggest.asp The LUG email list is more for "How
do I... in Legacy?" and for tips that will help other users.

5) Keep up to date with what's going on at Legacy by subscribing to our
newsletter at https://legacyfamilytree.com/subscribe.asp. You can also click
over to the Legacy Home tab to see hot links to all of the latest news
articles and announcements in Legacy itself.

6) Don't forget that you can also join the Legacy User Group Facebook page
for even more interaction with the staff, beta testers, translators, and
other users https://www.facebook.com/groups/LegacyUserGroup/  

7) If you have any problems concerning the Legacy User Group List you can
email mich...@legacyfamilytree.com 

Michele Simmons Lewis, CGR
Legacy Family Tree


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