TIP OF THE DAY (Legacy Staff) - Sources

The most frequent type of genealogy questions we get are questions about
sources and source citations (DNA is a close second). I wanted to give you
some resources that will help you understand this topic better.

Our SourceWriter templates are based on the examples in the book Evidence
Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills. If you don't have this book I highly
recommend that you add it to your home reference library. Don't immediately
skip to the examples! The first two chapters are a must read. If you
understand the WHY of citations all will become clear :) 

The first two chapters are: 
Fundamentals of Evidence Analysis
Fundamentals of Citation

These two chapters will have you looking at your research in a new way :) 

The Evidence Explained website has MANY free articles and a forum where you
can ask questions. https://www.evidenceexplained.com/

To understand how you apply this information in Legacy itself, you can watch
Geoff's FREE webinar, Sources and Citations Made Simple, Standard, and
Powerful. It is consistently one of our most popular webinars.

A lot of our Legacy users are a bit intimidated by source citations because
it is new territory for them. Legacy has built-in templates to help you
create citations that have the needed elements and will keep your citations
consistent. HOWEVER if you don't understand the why behind the citation you
will never understand the full value of your citations. 

Michele Simmons Lewis, CGR
Legacy Family Tree


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