Cathy Pinner Yes I have been using the same since 2013 It has all wise been the 
same even when I had Legacy 8 and I was able to upgrade to 9  with Clown punch 
at All so for some reason I am not able to send any thing to the 
Chat when I watch a Webinar. Thanks tho for reminder Cathy Maybe I nee to check 
with Support and if they can help. I also use G Mail but most of the time I am 
on outlook that where Geoff send my messages of the next Webinar.

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Hi Frederick,

>From memory of your Facebook posts, one of your friends reminded you that you 
>have a number of different email addresses.
In the Legacy store you must use the one that you use to sign in to the 

OR you can use the store without signing in. Only people with a paid webinar 
subscription can sign in.

If you don't sign in, you won't get your 5% webinar member discount but you can 
still use the 10% discount code given out in the most recent webinar.


F B wrote:

Again as always for many months I have try to buy Legacy UNLOCK And
have a new Debit card to change on the store. But it tells me that
there is no such Email Address or Pass word which have ever time I go
on my Webinars that takes on right In Like to day watching Geoff
explained how to youse Legacy Unlock e arly in Florida 2:00 pm. I want
to by the Book Legacy Unlock watching his 3 Webinars This afternoon.
It will not recognize my pass word I have been using even in Book 8
Why? I wish I knew . Frederick C Buss Jr My e Mail is on Microsoft 10
Geoff R. send a invite every week for the Wed. and Friday or when
there is another one coming up I am a member. For since 2013. But I
can not buy from the store. Please help Me Change my Debit card and
let buy Legacy.

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Thank you Cathy,

Your explanation was v ery clear and helpful. As a not very
computer-literate person I have found that some of the Legacy Help
explanations hard to understand.

Jen H

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The Legacy data backup zips all the files related to your family file
together. How many there are depend s on which features of Legacy you
have used. I have about 30.
In previous versions you were given some control over which ones were
included but that was confusing to many and the option has been removed.

If you have Set Relationships you'll have a .Rc3 file as part of your

To see what most of the extensions mean search Legacy Help Index for
"file extension" (without the quotes).
familyfilename.Rc3 Relationship term spill file
familyfilename.Rc3.Rc3 Backup of Relationship spill file

If only the .fdb was included in the backup you would lose your
relationship settings and clipboards etc when you restored a backup.


Jen nifer Hardess wrote:

Hello Cathy,

With regard to the: Rc3.Rc3 that Marie has on her back-up, can you
please explain whether this is a regular “extension” (not sure what to
call it) or a problem that has occurred. I have noticed this on my
back-ups also.


Jen H.

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I suspect on your new computer the associations to files are different.

Legacy backup files have always been a zipped file and show the icon for
the program that is associa ted with .zip files. If you haven't added
another program this is a folder icon that has a zip on it.

Within that zip file are most of the other files you list. I'm not sure
what you mean by the Ancestry logo one. It may be that you have
s omething that associates a gedcom file with Ancestry and you have a
gedcom in that same folder? I'm not familiar with the apps available for
Ancestry. But it wouldn't be included in the Legacy data backup. Or did
you mean the Legacy logo? If so that's your main family file -

You do not use the files within the Legacy data backup zip directly. You
go to Legacy and use File - Restore File when/if you need to use a data
If you open files from within the backup zip you create a mess with the
file going into a temp folder. If you extract the files using Windows
File Explorer or another program you are creating copies of your file
that have the same name but are in different folders, that most likely
will confuse you later. You use File - Restore File either overwriting
your current file of that name OR renaming the file during the restore


mvmcgrs--- via LegacyUserGroup wrote:
> I'm using Legacy 8 and Windows 10 home. I had to buy a new computer
> but now when I backup my Legacy file it has a zipped file icon with
> the date. There are several other files with that family name with
> several extensions. The other files are: Ancestry logo [Family Name]8;
> [Family Name]8.FG; [Family Name]8.SC; [Family Name]8.TC; [Family
> Name]8.Rc3.Rc3
> When I was using Win 7 Pro and I backed up my Legacy files there was
> only a Name and a date not the zipped file icon.
> What am I doing wrong? And how do I correct it?
> Marie


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