It depends what kind of note
If you want Events and not Event Notes, I don't think you can do that without editing the Gedcom.

If you mean General, Research and/or Medical Notes they can be omitted via the Checkboxes to exclude things. I think here Regular Notes means General. Are you saying that isn't working?

If you mean Notes associated with Sources, you can omit Text and Comments if they're not marked for inclusion in a citation by using the Other Options tab and unchecking to Override Source Options.


Rune Mattsson wrote:

A question:

How do you prevent the  notes from being exported?

I’ve done as Cathy suggested
Customize-> Export items-> Exportthese items and removed NOTE and
MNOTE without success, all notes are still exåported

So now I use "brute force" with Notepad++-, I’ve created a macro that
removes all lines starting with a digit,followed by a space and then

Search for ^\d\s\b(NOTE|CONT|CONC)\b.*\R

Repalacewith nothing

it works and my gedcom shrinks from 578529 to 491189 lines

2018-06-13 4:33 GMT+02:00 Cathy Pinner <

    You don't use privacy to strip out notes etc from a gedcom, you
    use the Gedcom customise options. They control which gedcom tags
    are exported. See the Customise button on the right. This includes
    an exclude option for address/phone and Notes of various kinds. I
    don't know whether that is just mailing addresses or event addresses.
    It's true that Ancestry etc will privatise the living for you but
    you can choose not to include the living in your gedcom using the
    options in the Privacy section in the Gedcom export. I think this
    is a better option.
    When exporting for Ancestry I generally just include the vital
    events with their sources. You can do this by using Basic and then
    adding the tags SOUR and PAGE.
    I also go to the second tab headed Other Options on the main
    export screen and uncheck to override source options as I don't
    want to include my source detail text OR sources that I have
    chosen not to include in reports.

    If you don't have a gedcom viewer program and find the gedcom
    difficult to understand when opened in Notepad (as it's a plain
    text file), you can import your gedcom to a new Legacy file to see
    what you are actually exporting.

    Cathy <>
    Wednesday, 13 June 2018 10:02 AM

    Hi ____

    I would like to upload my FT to Ancestry and other websites as a
    Gedcom file.____

    I am reasonably certain I have stripped the records of any notes
    or sources by using the privacy tools on legacy. ____

    However I note that the addresses  entered  in the birth, death
    and burial records are still showing____

    I would like to know if these addresses will stripped or removed
    when the file is uploaded. ____

    I know that dates of persons still living are stripped and names
    marked as private.____

    __ __

    __ __


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