To update your Legacy file on the 1st laptop you will need to do
File > Restore from local file using the backup file you made when exiting Legacy on the 2nd laptop.

If you made a backup to the Legacy Cloud on the second laptop you can use File > Restore from Legacy Cloud to restore the Legacy file.

Brian Kelly

P.S. You can have the Deluxe features on both your laptops. Simply note your customer number in File > File Properties on the laptop with Deluxe Legacy. Use that customer number to transform your Free version to the Deluxe. The Legacy terms of use allow you to install the Deluxe version on multiple computers so long as no more than one copy will be used at a time.

On 14-Jan.-20 10:04 a.m., sarah hughes wrote:
I have just bought a new 2nd laptop and installed Legacy (free version) and did some updating to my Legacy tree. I backed it up and exited it, but when I came to put my Legacy on with 1st laptop it was not updated. I used to be able to do this with a 2nd laptop, but can't remember how.
Any ideas please?


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