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Canada Census I was just on the Library and Archives Canada website for a 
search of the 1871 Canada Census for a relative. I discovered that the 1931 
Canada Census is now available for searching by name.Here is the URL of the new 
Multi-census search tool. You can search for your Canadian relatives in any or 
all of the Canadian censuses list on the search page. The 1931 Census is now 
included in that list and I am doing a genealogy happy dance because I am 
looking at the census page for my father!Here is the description of the 1931 
census from Library and Archives Canada:"The seventh national census was taken 
on June 1, 1931. Information was further condensed into four schedules:     
Schedule 1: Population     Schedule 2: Agriculture     Schedule 3: Institutions 
    Schedule 4: Merchandising and service establishmentsOnly Schedule 1 was 
preserved and it had 40 questions. In the 1931 Census three different forms of 
the population scheduled were used:     Form 1A for the Maritimes and Québec 
and Ontario     Form 1B for the Western provinces     Form 1 - N.W.T. for the 
Northwest TerritoriesIn one instance a rather resourceful enumerator, used an 
accountant’s ledger book to record information.The 1931 Census was the first to 
ask if the family owned a radio. Since this Census was taken during the 
Depression, there are also several questions related to unemployment, including 
periods of unemployment and causes.The sub-district names or boundaries in 1931 
are not the same as those for 1921, particularly for large cities."Brian 
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