What file, if any, opens when you open Legacy is controlled by Options > Customise 1.2 The folder Legacy expects your data file to be in is the one you specify at Options > Customise 6.1. You do not have to use the Legacy Default of ...\Documents\Legacy Family Tree\Data\ folder If you have your data file in folder that is syncing with the Cloud, make sure it is keeping local copies on your computer. The Documents folder may be in OneDrive depending on your OneDrive settings. If OneDrive is on your computer, you often have to check regularly whether it is keeping local copies and whether it has your Windows Documents folder inside of it or not. It will have a Documents folder probably but it may not be the one Windows is recognising. I don't sync my Documents folder with OneDrive so the one Legacy uses is not in OneDrive but there is still a Documents folder there. Your Legacy settings are stored in ...\Documents\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\ folder in whichever Documents folder is being recognised by Windows. If you move the Legacy Family Tree folder or rename it, it will be recreated with Legacy defaults.

I'd start by restarting your computer. That's a Restart which is a complete clearing our of memory and starting. Unless you've turned off Fast Start, the operating system is simply hibernated when you ShutDown.

The Restart may solve your Charting issue. If not, you may need to reinstall Legacy. I'd first try reinstalling without uninstalling first. Note Charting settings are held in ...\Documents\Legacy Family Tree\LegacyCharting  So this is another thing that will be mixed up if the \Legacy Family Tree\ folder has been moved or renamed or is syncing with a cloud without a local copy being kept on the computer.

If Legacy isn't asking you to backup your file when you exit, then either you haven't made any changes to the database or you have lost the setting in Options > Customise 12.5 on the Prompts/Reminders tab.

Hope that helps.
If it doesn't, contact Support. supp...@legacyfamilytree.com

aj.ru...@xtra.co.nz <mailto:aj.ru...@xtra.co.nz>
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 8:08 AM

Somehow, When I open Legacy it doesn’t give the option of which file to open I need go to a list of files then open the one I want to work on.

Also when I close legacy it doesn’t give me the option of saving to back up or just closing.

Finally when I went to create a chart the charting facility also did not open up.

I think my data files are in a different place in that they don’t seem to be correctly linked.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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