The recent file list will probably tell you where your file is. Put that location in Options > Customise 6.1. If you want it somewhere else, you can move a family file by using File > Rename File and instead of renaming it, choose a different folder. You can save a copy of your family file in a different location by using File > Save File As. However it's best to not have multiple copies of your family file scattered around your computer. Instead have multiple backup data zips and make sure you know how to use File > Restore File. You can set Options > Customise 1.2 to open the last used file automatically. That I think is the default setting. I set it to open a particular file in a particular location and do open the Sample file as I'm a beta tester and mainly using a beta version of the program. But when you're not a beta tester you can set it to open your preferred family file.

sarah hughes <>
Thursday, 28 December 2023 5:31 PM
Thanks so much for your help, Cathy, especially since it was originally someone's else's query I clicked the big blue "L" as you suggested, and it worked. It showed two sample files, anyone with my name, so Ican get to it easily. I might still look into Option, from top menu, and then 1.2, and see if there is somewhere to save my family tree, for all time!

Kind regards, Sarah

Cathy Pinner <>
Thursday, 28 December 2023 7:41 AM
Another way to find your file is to use the Recent File List but do check your setting at Options > Customise 1.2. It must be set to open the Sample file or you are somehow doing something that is losing your settings every time. Do make sure that there is are local copies for the files in the active/Windows recognised Documents file and that some sort of occasional syncing isn't overwriting that with old copies. I guess if that is what is happening it may interfere with the Recent File list. The Recent File List is found by clicking the L top left corner of the Legacy screen if the L is larger than the title bar. If it isn't, you'll see a System Ribbon tab and it's on that instead. It depends on the Design Style you are using. You'll see a list of the files that have been opened recently in order of opening and you click on the one you want.


sarah hughes <>
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 9:14 PM
I have had the same problem for ages, when it comes opening your file afresh. I thought that changing to a new laptop, but no. Mine always seems to open to the sample tree Goeff's, which is no help to me. So then it is a game of hit and miss, until I find my own tree. I guess it must ne saved somewhere, and at the moment I just find the correct file, and carry on. But it is a bit annoying! <>
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 8:08 AM

Somehow, When I open Legacy it doesn’t give the option of which file to open I need go to a list of files then open the one I want to work on.

Also when I close legacy it doesn’t give me the option of saving to back up or just closing.

Finally when I went to create a chart the charting facility also did not open up.

I think my data files are in a different place in that they don’t seem to be correctly linked.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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