I found this in the archives. Note that the price lock was only on 
subscriptions made by September 10, 2017, and the email was sent on September 
3, so a very limited time offer.   Hope this helps.  —Wanda H.

  For more details, please read the email below.

   Kind regards,
   Geoff Rasmussen

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   From: Legacy News
   To: ba...@rochester.rr.com
   Date: September 3, 2017
   Subject: Hello from MyHeritage + 2 unique offers

   Dear Legacy user,

   What a month we’ve had! First we announced the acquisition by
   MyHeritage, then rolled off 15 amazing new webinars, followed by an
   incredible 50% off sale, which led to the strongest month of Legacy
   software and webinar membership sales we’ve had – ever! And it keeps
   getting better and better.

   Whenever I need to draft an article, or design a new logo, or work
   faster on our upcoming Mac version – MyHeritage steps in with dozens
   of experienced staff to assist. I love it! And now they are making
   good on their first promise to you – offering the biggest discounts
   ever on DNA kits and Complete MyHeritage subscriptions – exclusively
   to you, our Legacy users and webinar viewers. Here are the details:

   *1st offer: MyHeritage DNA Kit – Only $59 $99*

   If you’re not acquainted yet with MyHeritage DNA, and what it can do
   in terms of discovering your ethnicity and matching you to
   previously unknown relatives, I recommend watching this TV segment
   on Fox & Friends

   that introduces this great product.

   Starting now, through Sunday night, September 10, MyHeritage DNA
   test kits are only $59. This is the lowest price ever offered by
   MyHeritage and it’s offered exclusively to you – our Legacy users
   and webinar viewers. It’s one way MyHeritage is saying hello and
   thank you. Purchase your MyHeritage DNA test kit today for $59 per
   kit (for as many kits as you would like). There is a shipping fee
   that is waived for orders of 3 kits (or more) and halved for orders
   of 2 kits. Here’s how to take advantage of this unique offer:


   to purchase your DNA kit(s)
   - IMPORTANT: At Checkout, under “Total,” click “Got a coupon code?”
   and enter the coupon code *LEGACYDNA*

   Once you receive the box, it takes just a few minutes to do the
   test. After you send in your simple cheek swab, you’ll have your
   results online in just four weeks.

   You know that I am big-time into DNA now and have found new DNA
   matches at MyHeritage that I haven’t found anywhere else. I also
   found some Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity (1.2%) in my grandfather’s
   Ethnicity Estimate, which was a big surprise. Because of
   MyHeritage’s millions of users in 196 countries, there is an
   excellent chance you will connect with your oversea relatives here.
   In fact, MyHeritage produces half a million DNA Matches every single

   *2nd offer: MyHeritage Complete Plan*

   Also only available to Legacy users and webinar viewers is the *50%
   off* pricing for the MyHeritage Complete Plan. It includes
   everything MyHeritage has to offer: PremiumPlus family site with
   unlimited tree size, powerful matching to other family trees and
   historical records, and full search access to their collection of
   more than 8.1 billion historical records. This also provides full
   access to all the Record Matches and Smart Matches that appear in
   your Legacy 9 software. All this for just $125 – that’s 50% off the
   public price. Get instant access to:
   - 8.1 billion historical records     - Vital records from 48 countries
   - 2.5 billion family tree records    -  Military and immigration records
   - Birth, marriage and death records  -  U.S. Censuses spanning 1790
   to 1940
   - Hundreds of exclusive databases    -  More added every month!
   - Your own private tree of unlimited size

   PLUS: Those who subscribe before Sunday night, September 10, will
   enjoy a *Price-Lock Guarantee*. For as long as you keep the
   subscription, the price will remain 50% discounted and will never
   increase in the future. This is a unique offer that MyHeritage is
   giving *only* to Legacy users and webinar viewers.

   Click here to get MyHeritage’s Complete Plan at 50% off with
   Price-Lock Guarantee


   The two offers in this email are complementary and can be taken
   together, or separately. If you take both, you get all MyHeritage
   features, for the lowest prices ever offered. This is a unique
   opportunity, only for Legacy users.

   Kind regards,

   Geoff Rasmussen and the Legacy team


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