On 11/01/2024 01:01, Cathy Pinner wrote:
I don't think the Picture Centre lets you know if an image is linked to a Source Citation. Only if it is linked to an individual or marriage.

It certainly seems to! I have just created a new file with 2 individuals and a couple of phoney Sources and added photos to the 2 Sources attached to a Birth and to an Event. Another picture is attached to a person in their Media Gallery.

In all cases, the pictures which have been attached have a + next to the name when I view the folder under Picture Filename in the Picture Centre. Other pictures in the same folder which are not linked in any way to the Legacy file have no symbol in the U column.

This does seem slightly at variance with "The U column to the left of the file names indicates whether or not each picture has been attached to someone in your family file already. The + means that picture in that folder has been attached to someone. The - means that file name has been attached to someone but from a different picture folder." as stated in Help. As I said, all 3 images in my test file have a + in the U column although each is attached to only 1 Source and the Source used only once. In my working Legacy file I think the majority of the Source images have a - in the U column.

I have separate folders for every Census and only save the image to one relevant folder, so certainly in the case of Census images the part about the fine name being "attached to someone but from a different folder" definitely doesn't apply.

Jenny M Benson
Wrexham, UK


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