You unlink the marriage you don't want. You do this from the Spouse List opened with the icon under her in Family View. You can't do that if there are children linked to that marriage so you have to make sure all children are linked to the marriage you want to keep. One way to sort this is to turn off Show 1/2 kids in the child area so you can clearly see which marriage the children are linked to. You can do that by right clicking in the area and toggling the View > 1/2 kids.  You can cycle through multiple spouses by clicking to the side of the spouse with multiple relationships in the database. Then to change the parents for a child, put them in the centre of Family View and use their Parent list to link to the right set and unlink from the wrong set. You'll want to take note of the MRINs for each duplicate marriage to make this process easier.


Wes Jester wrote:

I accidentally added a marriage twice.  Once when all I had was an
approximate and then, later, when I got documentation.  Now I have a
female with 2 marriages to the same person.  How can I delete the
marriage with the wrong date and keep averything else.




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