Have you seen the new Canadian Archives search page?
It lets you search all their census records at one go.

This new page replaces all the old individual census year search pages and the results pages from the search are very different as well. The census page image is now embedded in the person's results instead of being a link. The download button allows download of the image or download of a pdf with all images. It also now has a copyright agreement you have to accept before downloading.

I have had to seriously modify my workflow when adding these new results to my source citations for Canadian Censuses.

I think Legacy will have to make a lot of changes to the census searches and templates to match this new way of doing things at Canada Archives.

Brian Kelly

On 11/01/2024 3:45 p.m., Kathryn Wallace wrote:
I did see a thread about the Census back in December.   The Census was released in June 2023 and I've been waiting for a Legacy update that would include a Master Source using Sourcewriter.   Does anyone know if that is in the works?   I know that I could create a Master Source but I would be making multiple ones for different provinces and counties and am hopeful that the main master source link will be added.

Kathy Wallace


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