I have been using Families for many years.  Works natively in Samsung Android, 
and has abilities to send/receive files to work with Legacy.  Not all the 
features of Windows Legacy, and still good interface if/when you want to use 
Legacy.I use Windows Legacy on my PC as my Master database.  Then I 
periodically send latest file to Families on my Android Tablet and my Android 
Phone.  I also export a file to the free Web site, Tribal Pages.Families is not 
a web page, it is an application, so they would need access codes for access, 
but I think they might be able to make changes, so not a good solution.  That 
is why I use Tribal Pages.  Lots of flexibility on Web page designs, and others 
can read, run reports, but cannot make changesIf I make changes in Families, I 
can export records that have been Added/Modified since a particular date, and 
import them into Legacy.  After import, I export from Legact and upload to 
Tribal Pages.  I don't so much maintenance on Tribal Pages, but that allowed me 
to make my own family Web site, and have given my relatives an access code that 
allows them to view all records and run various reports.Sorry, for the long 
answer, but the short answer is YES - Use Tribal Pages.  As a Web page, it will 
run on anything with Internet access.  I hope this helps.ThankU2
-------- Original message --------From: Crystal Emory <genseek...@gmail.com> 
Date: 3/24/24  11:37 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: Legacy User Group 
<LegacyUserGroup@legacyusers.com> Subject: [LegacyUG] Is Legacy of capable? I 
hope I don't look really stupid when I ask this question but someone is looking 
for an App or Software that works on an Android Samsung tablet, without 
Internet connection so that  they can have a family tree with them at all 
times.Using Legacy and loving to sing it's praises I suggested using Legacy 
because it allows you to create webpages. Would it be possible to create a 
webpage on a pc and store the webpage with data on the Android and as needed 
update Legacy (on pc) and then update the webpage?  Crystal

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