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-------- Original message --------From: Crystal Emory <genseek...@gmail.com> 
Date: 5/13/24  11:46 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: Legacy User Group 
<legacyusergroup@legacyusers.com> Subject: [LegacyUG] Legacy on a website I 
would like to know what is necessary to run Legacy on a website. I belong to a 
non-profit family project. The group is the Ferree Family and our tree is the  
Ferree Family Association tree currently hosted on a private account on 
Ancestry. We have over 39 thousand names in the tree. Our current tree was a 
temporary fix until we determine a new way to store our tree so that 
descendants can view the tree and recommend changes, etc.  We are considering 
all of the options of moving forward and where best to put our tree for future 
generations. We are a non-profit, with a website, we are also looking into 
creating a new website and have yet determined what platform to house the 
website.  It is my understanding that with the appropriate software running in 
the background on a website we can use Legacy to house the tree. I hope what I 
am asking makes sense. Is there anyone with experience with our situation and 
can you provide some advice please.Crystal  

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