last year, I discovered a strange result when searcing for a hotel
near "Rostock Seehafen" at HRS.com: One suggestion is "point of
interest - Rostock Seehafen Nord (Außer Betrieb)". That is the name of
a railway station, as it was once incorrectly tagged in OpenStreetMap.
Incorrect because "außer Betrieb" means "no service" and should never
have been tagged as part of the name.

It can easily be verified that HRS.com uses names of railway stations
in Germany from OSM for their search. Try also Genshagener Heide,
which was/is also tagged incorrectly in OSM. There are several more
obvious examples of railway stations in Germany.

I cannot find any credit of OpenStreetMap at HRS.com. I assume they
are breaching the license. I did inform the company about my
assumption on February 18th via off...@hrs.de and received no answer.

What steps could be taken? It would be great if HRS.com would add
proper attribution and pay OSMF a compensation for the license breach.
However, I'm not sure whose rights were infringed, if any.

Regards, Nils

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