Christoph Hormann wrote:
I would also suggest to keep in mind that in principle this is exactly
the kind of case share-alike was created for - the OSM database is
missing some hotels and some other database contains them and the
intention is that you need to make available that other data or the
merger of the two data sets for inclusion in OSM if you want to use
them in combination.

If your use of the data is not about hotels missing from OSM
but only about the additional info provides (link to
booking page and other metadata for example) the new collective
database guideline gives you another option: you can match this
metadata with the OSM POIs and use them together without share-alike.
You however must not show any hotels that are not in OSM then or make
their coordinates available under compatible license.

Christoph, please read my last post again: we use all of the data, not just hotels that are missing. We are not altering the proprietary data in any way. Just removing some data from OSM, and that portion of the data is published, obviously under the ODbL.


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