On Saturday 09 July 2016, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> Christoph, please read my last post again: we use all of the
> booking.com data, not just hotels that are missing. We are not
> altering the proprietary data in any way. Just removing some data
> from OSM, and that portion of the data is published, obviously under
> the ODbL.

I read what you wrote and i think i understand pretty well what you do.

From my perspective it is as Simon put it:

> In summary both guidelines in this use scenario boil down to
> prohibiting de-duplication (of any kind).

Now you can of course disagree with that assessment but so far you have 
not brought up any convincing argument for that.  Just because your 
exact use case is not mentioned in the Horizontal Layers guideline does 
not mean it does not apply in analogy.  It does not matter if you use 
proprietary data to add features missing in OSM data or if you use OSM 
data to add features missing in proprietary data - the license as i 
read it is symmetric in that matter. 

What i was trying to do is point out ways how you could continue doing 
what you do (i.e. show both data from booking.com and from OSM in a 
single application).

Christoph Hormann

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