Our company is developping a web application.
Scenario is :

*         The web application will be sold to many clients (one application for 

*         The web application will be hosted on our web server most of the time 
(and in some specials cases on client's web server)

*         Clients are charged with annual fees (licence) to be allowed to use 
their web application

*         Clients have to login to enter in the web application (not public)

Now we have a plan to add maps and geocoding functionnalities.
That's why I was visiting your web site.

I had a look to varous post in the Help Forum.
But I still need to clarify some points about Usage restrictions :

*         Is our application a commercial application ? (I guess yes)

*         Is our application is distributed ? (I guess yes)

*         Do we have any usage limit ? Requests per month ? Requests per second 

Thanks for your help.


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