On Thursday 25 August 2016, Bjoern Hassler wrote:
> Suppose I have a list of GPS points of airports (one per airport),
> derived from publicly available paper (copyrighted) maps. Suppose
> there is no issue with sui generis rights in that list, but that
> there was no special permission to create that list (and thus the
> list is not rights cleared as such, but only used personally). I
> would think that: [...]

I am not sure if you are engaging in a theoretical thought exercise or 
if you are trying to solve a practical problem.  In the former case you 
probably will not get much reaction here.

In the latter case you would need to be more specific about what data 
you are considering using, who produced this data and under what terms 
of use it has been made available to you.

Christoph Hormann

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