The additional terms are "a bit of" a problem, however might be
surmountable if they are willing to give us a statement specifically for
the inclusion in OSM (along the lines of that they agree that the
inclusion of the data in OpenStreetMap and distribution on terms of an
open and free licence fulfils the conditions).

All variants of the OGL have a further issue in that you actually have
to verify that the Licensor has the necessary rights to licence -all-
the material in their dataset to you on these terms. This might seem
like a theoretical hurdle invented by me, alas it is not, as some of our
UK colleagues can testify.


Am 08.09.2016 um 21:05 schrieb Stewart Russell:
> Hi - this came up on talk-ca, and I want to make sure I'm not being
> too restrictive.
> Licence is a near clone of the UK OGL 1.0. Full text is here:
> Like many Canadian municipalities, they've added their own secret
> sauce, unfortunately. In the "You must" section, they added:
> [You must] ensure that Your Use of the Information does not breach or
> infringe upon any applicable laws
> The OGL has automatic termination on breach, and most versions don't
> include this clause.
> Would this term potentially add complications for anyone downstream
> using the data - say to plan a public protest that authorities deem
> illegal?
> The Regional Municipality of Peel's open data person is an active OSM
> participant, and they say that it might take time for permission to
> use the data under a more OSM-friendly library.
> Your advice greatly appreciated.
> Best Wishes,
>  Stewart
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