Am 09.09.2016 um 21:30 schrieb Luis Villa:
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> If this sort of provenance issue is a real concern, OSM should push
> data sources to document and review their processes, and perhaps
> consider improving provenance data in the database directly (so that
> the problems are easier to fix once identified). Just don't look to
> licenses as a solution (or in this case, see OGL as the problem).

Given that documenting our data sources or rather the lack of
documentation is a pet peeve of mine, I probably can't simply be quiet
about it :-/

On the database/OSM data model side there are lots of issues with
cleanly removing and documenting the provenance of data (the well known
issue is tracking way splits) and given that objects can be
re-used/re-purposed/shared at will, even if a geometry object was
created by an import there is no guarantee that it continues to be a
part of/derived from the original imported data.

There's not very much we can do about that at this late date.

However we could make it easier to document the sources (right now a
big, largely unmaintained wiki table ) and make it easier
to track which accounts were used for which imports and at the same be
more strict about vetting licences before imports happen. Implementing a
system for this is however really quite boring and likely only going to
happen if somebody pays for it.


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