sri, 21. ruj 2016. u 08:54 joost schouppe <>
napisao je:

> Using copyrighted material to spot errors in OSM is still copyright
> violation (well, a specialist in copyright should confirm that).

This is an interesting case. I think we are allowed to spot errors using
closed sources, but we can not use the source to say what is the right
solution. It's as if we are looking for differences between models, and
then using only the difference data to look further into the matter using
other sources (survey, Bing..).

This is interesting to me because I was thinking about making a service
that lists differences between OSM data and outside closed source data, and
then showing only what is different. Then people would use that "difference
data" to direct their mapping efforts. For example, take closed data about
opening hours, compare to OSM, and only show which OSM data is wrong
according to the closed source. Then mappers would go survey the shop.
Would this be OK?

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