On Friday 20 January 2017, Marcus Love wrote:
> I was
> thinking, that if I use OSM as a background, that I could edit the
> language polygons that we have to follow along OSM admin boundaries
> where they coincide. However, if I do that, would it then make those
> polygons that I've edited a 'derivative database'?

Probably yes, this depends on the extent to which you make use of OSM 
data in your proprietary data set.  See also:


If you'd just adjust your polygons at a handful of places to fix major 
mismatches that would normally be considered insubstantial.

>   If that isn't possible to adapt our language polygons to OSM admin
> boundaries without it becoming a derivative database, then we would
> use another source for the admin boundaries. Is it possible to use an
> OSM background and turn off/toggle the admin boundaries for the
> basemap? Otherwise, we will have language boundaries which will be
> slightly off the OSM admin boundaries, and wouldn't look that great
> and might be confusing on the map.

If you render an OSM based map without OSM based admin boundaries and 
add admin boundaries from a different source you have no derivative 
database, see:


Note however in such a map you would then simply have other mismatches, 
i.e. between the admin boundaries and OSM based basemap features 
instead of between the admin boundaries and your special thematic 

Christoph Hormann

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