Hi there.

First of all, I don't want to denounce the user for his work. I'm just
curious and interested, whether this kind of licensing is possible. The
user is informed about my intent to post the question in here.

On this website, an OSM user has joined OpenStreetMap-data under ODbL
with a dataset from the Federal Government for Geo-Information and
Geodesy of Germany. This data is released under "GeoNutzV", which allows
the content to be used by everyone for everything, but wants a "BY"
attribution on each product including a special note, if the data
has been edited. Furthermore, the author can revoke the need for
attribution. It's also clearly allowed to mix the data with other

-> Zuordnung von Landkreisen zu Postleitzahlen
(translation: "assignment of rural district to postal codes")

The user released the final dataset under ODbL and gave this
"ODbL © 2017 OpenStreetMap Contributers & © GeoBasis-DE / BKG 2015 (Daten
verändert)" (last two words mean: "data has been changed").

Let's say, he didn't make any analysis to the OSM data to fix missing
data, which would result in "Horizontal Layers" case. Is the result
a simple collective database?

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