I am an employee with 3vGeomatics and we are interested in using open
street maps to help process our data, but were unsure of how to interpret
the license restrictions.

What we do is take satellite radar data and process it through a rather
length chain in order to figure out where the ground is sinking and how
quickly areas are sinking. We know that data from water bodies tend to be
just noise, and we wanted to use open street maps to determine where large
water bodies are and automatically remove any pixels from our data that
come from water. The final product that we sell includes maps of the
displacement rate of the ground and a geodatabase of points, giving the
displacement history of all of the points over time.

Given that we are using open street maps to just remove pixels at an early
stage of processing, would we be able to just put a statement in our
written reports saying that open street maps was used in this masking
process, or would we have to make our final displacement database freely

Thanks for your assistance. If there is any further clarification I can
provide, please let me know.

Dr. Andy Pon
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