On Thursday 07 June 2018, althio wrote:
> I would then interpret the requirements as:
> Use: Attribution is required.
> Horizontal layers / Collective Database: Share Alike is not required.

This is what i mentioned in my first reply with

"If what you do is just masking the water areas in visualizations of 
your data the answer to that is clearly no."

The Horizontal Map Layers Guideline however only applies if you render 
maps and combine different data sources in the rendering process.  It 
does not apply if you do analysis combining different data sources and 
render a map from a new data set created from this analysis or extract 
quantitative information from it.

How Andrew's use case falls into this depends on the specifics of the 

And yes, we probably need a broader discussion on the topic of analytic 
use of OSM data, in particular in the context of 'big data', and how 
this relates to the ODbL.  It seems to me opinions on this are too much 
based on wishful thinking and too little aim to form a consistent 
framework that supports desirable and harmless use cases but does not 
create loopholes against the spirit of the license.

Christoph Hormann

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