Thanks to everybody for helping me with clarifying the license.

To answer some of the questions that came up, we would be masking water
bodies at the end of our processing chain, once we had already derived
rates for all of the pixels. There are also a few other masking steps that
would be run around the same time (typically based on some signal to noise
property), such that a customer wouldn't be able to tell if a pixel was
masked out because it was a water body or if it was masked for some other
reason. As such, from the previous discussion, I take it that this means
that we don't have to freely distribute our product?

If we use the OSM data for water masking, we would definitely make sure to
include a written notice in all of our reports clearly stating that we have
used the OSM data for water masking and that the OSM data is available
under the Open Database License.

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