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> Hello.

> Recently I've downloaded the primary.xml for F28 and ran a check
comparing the licences of packages in the repo against good licences listed
on the Licensing wiki page.
> There are a couple licences that are used by a few packages, but I
couldn't find them on the wiki page. It might be good to review these
licences and add them to the wiki page, or ask maintainers to change the
package License: tags in case the licence is already listed, but under a
different identifier.

> - Array (used by gcin)

Eh, I don't know what this is.

> - BSL-1.0 (used by ceph, librados2 and others)

This is the SPDX identifier for the Boost license. Ceph packaging in Fedora
follows openSUSE packaging guidelines.

> - Freely redistributable without restriction (used by alienarena-data,
beneath-a-steel-sky and others)

This was a phrase that was documented at some point for game data, I think?

> - PDDL-1.0 (used by python-nibabel)

This is the SPDX identifier for Public Domain & Dedication License:

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