Hi Swappers,

I'm selling off my iPad mini 2 (the second gen with the Apple A7 CPU and 
Retina Display), as I've upgraded to an iPad Air 2. I've owned this iPad 
mini 2 for about two years now and have taken pretty good care of it. Has 
had a tempered glass screen protector on it almost from the get-go and has 
very little wear or tear. Has some light wear on the rear. 

This iPad has 128 GB of storage capacity and LTE cellular capability, 
unlocked for any GSM carrier. I've been using it on T-Mobile and AT&T, 
unknown if it would work on Verizon. IMEI is clean and ready for a SIM card.

I'm including two official Smart Covers (green and gray), Logitech slim 
keyboard folio/cover, padded carrying sleeve, and Lightning-to-USB cable. 
Comes running iOS 10.

$300 shipped in CONUS, PayPal preferred.

Christian Sagardia
Dayton OH 45458

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