Hi Swappers, 

I have an iPhone 6S Plus, 128 GB, Rose Gold, Factory Unlocked. This iPhone 
is in mint condition with no visible wear or tear. Screen is excellent with 
no scratches or scuffs and has a tempered glass screen protector on it. 
Comes with original box, EarPods, Lightning-to-USB cable, and charging 
brick. Standard AppleCare warranty good until July 2017.

This iPhone is the "SIM-free" version that was sold fully factory unlocked 
with full support on any US carrier, *not* the AT&T version. Part # is 
MKWJ2LL/A and model # is A1634. You can read more and check full specs 

$600 shipped in CONUS, PayPal preferred.

Christian Sagardia
Dayton OH 45458

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