All tested & verified. Excellent condition. Some are brand NEW, never used in 
sealed antistatic.
Quantities vary. 

Full-size RAM for PowerMacs/iMacs:

3       256MB  PC66  for G3 B&W or Beige                                $2
10      256MB Viking sealed PC133  for G4 or iMac                       $4

10      512MB Micron PC3200 for iMacG5/MDD/PowerMac G5 184-pin          $4
5       1GB Kingston/Samsung PC3200 for iMacG5/MDD/PowerMac G5 184-pin $6

3       1GB Max PC2-4200 for PowerMac G5                        $4
8       1GB Micron PC2-5300F EEC for MacPro             $6
2       2GB Kingston PC3-10600 for PC                           $6

For PowerBooks/iMacs:

6       256MB SO-DIMM Kingston PC133 for iBook G3 or Powerbook G3       $2
1       512MB SO-DIMM Infineon DDR Memory PC2700 for PBk/iMac G4        $4
1       512MB SO-DIMM Edge       PC3200 for PBk/iMac G4                 $4

For MacBooks/iMacs:

8       1GB SO-DIMM Samsung/Micron PC3-8500     $2
8       2GB SO-DIMM Samsung/Micron PC3-12800    $6

Shipping: $3 minimum. $5 maximum

Mo Hammad
San Diego, CA 92117

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