iPad, first generation, 64gb wifi + 3G (ATT) 

Have two of these available. Both good condition, bright clear screens with no 
visible damage. Some minor wear/scuffs on the back of the body, but these have 
both been in cases for most of their lives. Both running iOS 5.1.1 (the max 
they will support). 

One has some Apple-inscribed text on the back. I will not post it publicly as 
it is a company name (the company I used to work for) and their phone number. I 
can share it in an email if it is important to you. The other has no 

I'll include new Monoprice 30-pin usb charge/sync cables with each.  No 
charging “brick” included.

I have one box, and one of the black kind of fabric-y/rigid/plastic Apple 
cases. Here's what we'll do: 

1. Pick which iPad you want (with or without inscription) 
2. Pick whether you want the case or the box 
3. Pay me 
4. I ship it to you! That's it! 

Let's say $55 shipped each, or $95 shipped for both, or best offer. These are 
still bringing up to $80 shipped each on eBay, so I'll likely put them on eBay 
if there are no bites here on LEM. 

I accept paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon payments, check/M.O., etc. Items will 
ship upon receipt of cleared payment.

Email me at clayshowal...@gmail.com to express interest. I reserve the right to 
sell it to the first person that can follow through with completing payment, 
even if they are not necessarily the first to respond to my post. 


Clay Showalter
clayshowal...@gmail.com <mailto:clayshowal...@gmail.com>
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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