I have 2 Ipod touches that i would like to sell
1st is a 16 gb A1509 5th gen ipod
is silver and has no camera
Quality 8.5 of 10 has been in case

Price $50 shipped Cont USA

2nd is a 32gb A1421 5th gen ipod
Has Camera and flash on ipod
is space gray
Quality is 8 out of 10 has minor scratches

Price $85 shipped Cont USA

If you want both of them Price is $125 shipped to Cont USA
Pictures available upon request.

Both are on 9.3.5 os and do not have icloud lock on
 will be wiped to factory before shipment

Would consider a trade for Iphone SE or Iphone 6 as trade and cash on my

Please email any questions
Chris Ryan
Fort Worth TX 76123

Ebay: bombcontrol

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