I just came across a batch of 6 1st Generation iPads with WiFi / 3G GPS. Apple 
Part number MC349LL/A, Model A1337. The SIM cards I am taking out are all ATT. 
I do not know if these are locked or unlocked.

I have original boxes for them with some writing on them, but the IMEI number 
might not match the iPad inside.

The good:

Excellent cosmetic condition, almost pristine except for cleanable smudges on 
screen. No visible scratches, dents, or dings on screens or cases
Almost original boxes, see note above.
Home buttons and all other buttons and switches all have proper tactile feel 
and appear to work fine.

The Bad:

I believe that the batteries in all of these are deader than a Norwegian Blue 
Parrot. I have plugged most of them into a wall charger overnight and nothing. 
There was (I don’t think it was wishful thinking) a very slight screen flicker 
when I first plugged it in. But after 24 hours on a wall charger they all 
showed no signs of life.
I do not have any accessories for them. No chargers, cables, or earbuds except 
as noted below.

These use the 30 pin cable. I have 2 available.

So I am thinking $25 each as parts or repair units plus shipping, but really 
open to offers. And offers for multiples will take precedence over single ones. 
Add $3 if you want a cable.

Pictures available. I can ship either UPS or USPS from 20877. If you want to 
figure shipping, assume 4lbs each, or one will fit in a USPS Medium Flat rate 
box ($13.65).

Len Gerstel
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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