John J Bloomfield writes:

> [...]
> I did it a couple of months ago using the folder located at
> http://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun-db/version_1.tar.bz2 as
> mentioned in one of the project mailing list archives
> But I am now wondering is that folder/file being updated or was it
> just an idea that isn't being maintained?

It is maintained.  Unless my computer has serious trouble, at least.

> If it is being maintained perhaps it would be a good idea to make
> the link more obviously available?

It is meant to be used by a program only -- lensfun-update-data --
and therefore, I don't plan to advertise it specially.  Sometimes I
have to point people to
http://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun-db/version_0.tar.bz2 because that
is for Lensfun users with versions too old to be shipped with

Torsten Bronger.

Torsten Bronger

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