I have a ~/.leo/myLeoSettings.leo file in which I specify some shortcuts 



toggle-active-pane  = Ctrl-Tab
simple-send-text = Ctrl-Alt-q
ipython-send-text = Ctrl-Alt-z
leoscreen-get-line = Ctrl-Alt-s

these work as expected in a leo outline (which happens to be "@string 
default_leo_file = ~/leos/main.leo") but in a second outline, Ctrl-Alt-z 
and Ctrl-Alt-q generate special characters in the body test pane instead of 
calling the desired leo commands: 

Ctrl-Alt-z: male symbol (couldn't copy and paste to here)

Ctrl-Alt-a: filled triangle like an arrow head pointing right

How can I ensure the leo shortcuts work in all outlines? I have also tried 
copying the @settings-->@keys-->@shortcuts into the problem outline but 
without success. If I create a new leo, the shortcut keys have this special 
character problem, yet "main.leo" works as expected. 

thanks for all the hard work and innovation,

David W.

Leo 5.4-devel, build 20160722143100, Fri, Jul 22, 2016  2:31:00 PM
Git repo info: branch = master, commit = ded4858f6341
Python 2.7.12, PyQt version 5.5.1

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