My thinking about clones keeps evolving.  Within Leo's code base, I 
typically use clones as *temporary* project nodes.  I don't like to keep 
clones in leoProjects.txt or leoNotes.txt or leoToDo.txt because of subtle 
problems with keeping the files in sync with leoPy.leo.

The advantage of tags/bookmarks is that they can be attached more-or-less 
permanently to any node without any adverse effects at all.

This suggests that it would be good to create (groups of) clones from 
tags.  This could be done very easily with the following new commands:

clone-find-tag (cft)
clone-find-tag-flattened (cftf)

So to fix a bug, I could use either of two equivalent work flows:

1. Tag all nodes related to the bug with a tag like #303.
2. Use cftf to create an organizer node.


1. Create an organizer node incrementally for the bug.
2. Use tag-all-children to tag them all with #303.

The advantage of either work flow is that I can delete the organizer node 
at any time, thereby deleting all clones, while still being able to 
recreate the node at any later time using cftf.

Imo, this is a big step forward.  It allows users to use tags or clones 
pretty much interchangeably.


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