There are always request for new importers or changes to existing 
importers, few people other than Edward have wrapped their mind around how 
to do this for themselves.  This is a proposal to make this easier for 
people to create their own importers or easily customize any importer to 
create nodes at whatever level of detail they want.

This would work by borrowing the Unix principles of making little programs 
that do one thing, then composing a chain of them to accomplish the task 
you want done.  Each language would have its own default chain, but you 
would have the option of adding your own chains/parameters/programs in your 
files "settings" node for each language you want to override the defaults 

I imagine some of these tools would be general and then made specific to 
the language at hand by passing them things like a keyword list, regex's, 
and the like.  I'm not sure if this would need a intermediate format that 
gets turned into the nodes by a "nodeMaker" program at the end, (though 
this seems the likely scenario as the Unix approach is to keep things in 
text as long as possible), or if each program refines the parsing of nodes 
created by the previous program in the chain more directly.

Python has support for this sort of thing in the "included batteries", the 
io module includes stuff to work with strings.  To make things look more 
Unix like their is pipetools:


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