On Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 6:30:04 AM UTC-5, Edward K. Ream wrote:

> To summarize, your proposal amounts to a request to redesign or refactor 

In fact, the BaseScanner code already has three phases, as shown by the 
tree structure of the BaseScanner class's code. The top levels of the 
phases are:

1. The bs.scan method, in Parsing, called from bs.run.
2. The bs.put methods, in Code generation, called from bs.scan and helpers.
3. The bs.check method, in Checking, called from bs.run.

One could imagine separating these phases by passing dicts of information 
between them, but nothing much would change.  The code would still be 
exactly as complex.

The complications of the basescanner code are a *good* thing, imo.  They 
simplify the importers, as clearly shown by the C importer.


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