The redraw branch <> is 
ready for testing. This branch is associated with #539: Leo's redraw code 
should be redesigned. <>

This project looks like a complete success. It makes major improvements to 
Leo's redraw logic with virtually no effect on existing code.  The 
highlights of the changes are as follows:

1. Redrawing the screen happens *only *as the result of an explicit call to 
c.redraw.  In particular, neither c.selectPosition nor its helpers redraw 
the screen immediately.  However, cc.selectChapterForPosition ensures that 
a redraw happens eventually using...

2. c.redraw_later() sets a flag requesting that c.outerUpdate call c.redraw 
if necessary.  Any call to c.redraw resets this flag. 

3. c.disable_redraw() sets a flag disabling all outline redraws. 
c.enable_redraw() re-enables redrawing. Use these methods as follows:

    # Code that might otherwise redraw the tree.

This pattern is essential in the new git-diff 
<> code. Lots of redraw 
code changed, but in similar and straightforward ways. In effect, the new 
code is exactly the same as the old unless c.disable_redraw() has been 
called, I do not expect problems here.

4. c.outerUpdate has been drastically simplified.  It now only handles 
requests for delayed focus changes (as before) and the new delayed redraws.

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