#538 <https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/538> suggests a 
solution to an interesting problem.  I rejected the proposed solution, but 
the problem is real, and we should discuss it.

Vitalije's says:

[Suppose a] new file is added to reference outline. My personal copy won't 
have this node and it becomes out-dated. If I try to manually add such file 
to my outline I have a problem with differences in top-level gnx or 
headline that will change the external file during save command. If we all 
edit one reference document it can never get out of sync. Our personal 
changes that are not meant to be shared in repository can be located under 
@workbench node.

Here are my reactions:

The top-level gnx problem is probably real.  However, it should be possible 
to add a dummy @file node to my local copy of leoPy.leo.  There are then 
two ways forward:

1. refresh-from-disk should use the gnx in the top-level node.  If not (and 
it probably doesn't), we should fix this behavior.

2. We can save leoPy.leo and *not* overwrite the file when saving 
leoPy.leo.  Reloading leoPy.leo should then load the correct new file, 
including the gnx.  Again, if this doesn't work it's a bug that should be 

In any case, the original problem is *nowhere near* serious enough to 
warrant the proposed solution. We devs have no business telling people how 
to organize their outlines!  Trees such as @bookmarks, @chapters, 
@persistence and @valuespace are tolerable because Leo (or plugins) mostly 
manage these kinds of trees automatically. They are effectively hidden. 
They are certainly not a constraint on how people organize their data.

My ideas have evolved as I have written this post.  They may evolve 
further.  All comments welcome.


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