Why do I reject some ideas and not others?

Perhaps I simply like my ideas better than other people's :-) It's not 
possible to eliminate "personal bias" completely. The best antidote is to 
acknowledge that the bias could be real.

However, I think that my overall engineering judgement is sound. It has 
kept Leo "healthy" for decades.

My main concern is to continue to make Leo's core (including key plugins) 
simpler and more robust.  cff and git are making this easier. Other devs 
prefer quick find.  Either way, we all have much better tools than we did 
three years ago.  But we must resist the temptation to do "fancy" things in 
Leo's core.

The master design principles, as I have stated many times, are to 
encapsulate complexity and to eliminate global dependencies and special 
cases. Let's look at the redraw branch for examples:

The c.enable_redraw/disable_redraw complicates some already-complicated 
code, but those complications have *no* global effects.

The new c.redraw_later is a valuable new distinction.  Helper methods 
should never call c.redraw directly, because that causes annoying screen 
flash.  The c.redraw_later code is refreshingly simple.

Eliminating various unused (or just plain stupid) keyword arguments in 
various important redraw-related methods is something that is *always* 
worth doing, regardless of short-term risk.  Adding a kwargs arg, and 
warning if deprecated keywords are passed in ensure that existing code will 
continue to work.

*Summary*: We devs *must *have a real sense of danger when contemplating 
global changes. *Local* complications are tolerable, but global special 
cases and dependencies have the potential to destroy Leo.


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