I've been guilty of this lately.  Following my inner Tom Hanks 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M8szlSa-8o>, I am recommitting to getting 
pyinstaller working for 5.7.

The main ideas:

1. Install an alternative 32-bit version of Anaconda. If necessary, it will 
use Qt 4 rather than 5. Call this the *portable version* of Anaconda.

The portable version will contain pyenchant. Users will to continue to have 
access to the superior pyenchant dictionary.  In particular, this avoids 
having to unpack other dictionaries. The portable version will have *no* 
conda environments.  This should allow pyinstaller to run. We'll see.

2. Following Terry's suggestion, I'll create scripts that alter the path to 
choose between portable and my *development* *version *of Anaconda. This is 
an important new pattern.  It should allow me to continue to use a single 
copy of my batch files, regardless of environment chosen.


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