So, is there an Anaconda update command that will pull in a more recent 
'official' release? Or, is her machine stuck with whichever version was 
installed initially? Or would I need to manually update her Leo package in 
Anaconda whenever I think it's advantageous to do so?


>>    1. On my own machine, I always run Leo from a GitHub directory so I 
>>    can run the most current version. What about on her machine? How does 
>>    Anaconda work to keep Leo updated?
>> ​It doesn't.  If you install Leo from Anaconda you are using the last 
> version of Leo that Anaconda knows about, not the latest github version.  
> So if you are using git to keep Leo up to date (as you should ;-) you 
> should *not* install Leo using Anaconda.​
> Edward

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