> The @button saved the .leo file, triggering the save of the text file as 
> well. Fossil picked up both changes.
> Is it possible to write the @clean node to disk without saving the .leo 
> file? That would let me give unique commit messages for each @clean file 
> and also for the .leo file at the end of the session.

Might be easier to just ask fossil to only commit one of the changes:

>fossil changes
EDITED     docs/Readme-utils.md
EDITED     docs/Readme.md

>fossil commit -m "only commit 1 changed file of many" docs\Readme-utils.md
>fossil changes
EDITED     docs/Readme.md

(I don't use fossil in any real way. I've frequently always wanted to 
though and knew where to look to find out this method.)


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