On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 11:42:32 PM UTC-6, Matt Wilkie wrote:
> Leo's diff-marked-nodes command only compares two outlines at a time. 
> Ahh, thank you for that. There's so much about Leo I've yet to discover!
You're welcome.

Also on the list for today is generalizing diff-marked-nodes so that it 
compares arbitrarily many nodes, two at a time. Here is the code to do this 
from diff_list_of_files:

self.root = self.create_root(aList)
while len(aList) > 1:
    self.path1 = aList[0]
    aList = aList[1:]
    for path2 in aList:
        self.path2 = path2
        self.diff_two_files(self.path1, self.path2)

Adapting this for diff-marked nodes will be straightforward.‚Äč


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