Revs 4b2c157c and 7d4fd35 end the demangling Easter Egg by making it 
explicit. Imo, this is an important improvement,

Here is the lightly edited checking log for 4b2c157c:

Demangling is now explicit, which could be said to be the end of an Easter 
- Added Demangle Recent Files item to the Files: Recent Files menu.

- Improved the docstring of the demangle-recent-files command. Here it is:

    Path demangling potentially alters the paths in the recent files list
    according to find/replace patterns in the @data path-demangle setting.
    For example:

        REPLACE: .gnome-desktop
        WITH: My Desktop

    The default setting specifies no patterns.

- The clean-recent-files command no longer ever does demangling.

- Improved the docstrings for c_file.cleanRecentFiles and 
rf.cleanRecentFiles. Here they both are:

    Remove items from the recent files list that no longer exist.

    This almost never does anything because Leo's startup logic removes
    nonexistent files from the recent files list.

Still to do: updating LeoDocs.leo.


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